Platinum 2-camera Bespoke Video  - with two cameramen

Two Camera Coverage                                                                                                   
Filmed by two cameramen and extensively edited for those appreciating full video coverage from two locations simultaneously or same location from two different angles.  Coverage includes home/hotel morning preparations, church arrivals, ceremony, reception, speeches, first dance and the evening until 9pm.  


Bespoke Editing
Edited by John Stephens for consistent high quality results.
Includes ‘Introduction’ slow-motion sequence introducing the main characters/titles.
Every moment of your recorded wedding is digitally edited.
Unlimited music of the bride & groom's choice can be used.
Ends with a VideoHighlight’ montage sequence.


Video Movie Filming
At the Home/Hotel one cameraman films at the bride's location for the preparations whilst the other cameraman records the groom and grooms men activities before the wedding and will travel to the church for arrivals.
From the Church the groom's cameraman films the groom, bestman, ushers and the arriving guests before going inside the church when other cameraman arrives with bride.  Both film inside church at different angles, afterwards one cameraman is outside to capture your exit whilst other films from inside.  Leaving for the Reception, one goes on ahead to ensure the arrival of the bride and groom at the reception whilst other films departure from church.
At the Reception one cameraman will stay with the bride and groom whilst the other can film guests, location, fine details, artistic shots and will join the other cameraman for a second angle.
During the Speech both cameras film both the speaker and the guests reactions, a great way to see instant responses to the bestman's jokes.
Evening arriving guests are filmed and then the awaited First Dance.
What's Included
Two cameramen will film the wedding typically from the Bride’s home/hotel and the Groom’s home/hotel continuing at the Church, the Reception, Speeches & the First Dance until 10pm.  Further attendance optional.

Detailed editing.  Introduction Slow-mo sequence, Highlight Montage or modern Marryoke sequence.  
Supply of 3 DVD copies and Video also supplied on Solid-State Memory 
i.e. USB stick providing very High Resolution


Additional Options
Growing-Up photo’s sequence
Pop Video Sequence (Dance/Mime to your favourite song).
Extra attendance i.e. after 21:00 - hourly rate

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Platinum 2-cam Bespoke Video


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