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Celebration   Anniversary   Birthday Party   Social Event   Photography & Video Service
Are you organising a family gathering with friends a social occasion or a party then you should be considering a professional service to provide photography video or both.  Most of our customers come back time and time again for the next event celebration party to be recorded.



BIRTHDAY PARTIES:  Starting from the 1st Birthday Party we photograph or video record the party event which can continue with the popular 16th 18th and 21st birthday parties whether held at home or venues such as a bar restaurant local hall community centre leisure facilities or hotel and sometimes a Surprise Party.

Many parties are for those reaching the zero's such as 30th birthday party, 40th, 50th parties through and beyond 60th.  As they'll be a lot of family, children, grandchildren friends and often with good organising friends not seen since childhood its important to have the event photographed or video'd.

Local areas covered include Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Coventry Warwick Stratford upon Avon Warwickshire, Worcestershire and many throughout Midlands.


Children's Birthday Parties are ideal for video filming, it brings together family and friends, there's probably children's entertainers, music and dancing, therefore by having a professional photographer or video cameraman allows parents to socialise, then just a few days later a DVD to watch and keep on watching after they've grown-up.


 Great age in your child's life, 16th, 18th or 21st with their school friends college or university mates photographs or video to record the Birthday occasion and look back on in years time at those young fab hair and fashion styles.

Top picture taken at Billesley Manor Stratford-upon-Avon, a birthday party family gathering, photo for wall framed enlargement

Left picture - video grab of an 18th Surprise Birthday Party for Westley at Shakespeare No.1 Stratford-upon-Avon Wawickshire.


Popular birthday milestones are 30th Birthday Party, 40th Birthday Party and 50th Birthday Party, or any age every year could be a birthday celebration to remember.



Reception parties can be for an engaged couple very popular with Greek Cypriot and Jewish communities usually held at a good hotel lots of family and friends attend with music and dancing its just like a wedding reception and should be video'd.  Chinese wedding receptions held at restaurants often require photography or video along with Asian weddings, particularly Muslim faith spread out over three days, whilst we'd normally film the entire three days quite often the other side of the family have arranged for the wedding day photography and video but not the extra two days of social events and that's where we're asked to film under 'wedding party' services.  Frequently attended venues include Edgbaston Sutton Coldfield Birmingham Midlands, London South East, Milton Keynes, Luton and Woburn Abbey.



Party celebrations include Diamond, Ruby, Silver & Golden wedding anniversaries.  These tend to be larger scale party functions a video of this makes a great treat afterwards when all the tinsel has gone.  Pictures here Swinfen Hall Staffordshire a popular wedding and anniversary venue.

Ever thought about throwing a party to celebrate your 1st Wedding Anniversary inviting those at your wedding and other extended family, friends, work friends and new friends?  We're here to help advise and provide photography or video.




Company parties can be rewarding for staff morale so why not enhance that effect further with DVD or photography either inclusive or for separate sale.  Photography on arrival of smartly dressed employees and featuring any high achieving personnel for in-house magazine or company promotional use has several benefits.

left - couples and individuals photographed with the evening entertainment for roofing contractors at the Belfry


left - dinner group table photographs complete with company name logo and caption





Similar to company parties above, Associations usually involve a hotel venue restaurant style dinner followed by after dinner speakers sometimes with entertainment dancing and an open bar.  Members are well dressed often in evening ware attire black numbers for ladies and dinner jacket or tux for gents.  Photography maybe considered for Press publicity for the newspaper or video for a web blogg website.  Photographs can also be taken on arrival of guests followed by table groups later.

left - The Tanworth-in-Arden Association for the Prosecution of Felons annual meeting, speaker Mr Burman



Funeral Video
Funeral bereavement reception or wake receptions are a sad occasion but also a celebration of the deceased life usually many friends of old and family will be there.  A good video opportunity to close the final chapter of a love ones life, DVD copies can easily be forwarded to those unable to attend or from overseas.




Kept to the lowest price for a good reason, most customers return numerous times for future celebrations, weddings and engagement parties.  Please contact us for a details as we can tailor the service to your requirements, as a guide locality may make a difference, local include Stratford upon Avon most of Warwickshire and parts of Birmingham West Midlands and Coventry Warwicks, typical cost 225 - 250 for a three hour attendance (may be less for mid-week and may be higher for peek dates and longer attendance).


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