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Military Wedding Photography & Video         Armed Forces Mess-Dinner        Medal Ceremonies
Association with the British Armed Forces, ideal for Military personnel weddings, officer mess dinner functions, medal ceremonies and funerals.

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<< Officers Dinner at 867 troop - 94 pax Group Photo

 Artworked background





<< Officers Dinner at 867 troop - 94 pax Group Photo

 Incoming RSM arranges a group of 94 officers and sergeants with Colonel and Honorary Colonel in attendance






<< Officers Dinner at 867 - table photos

 Table photographs taken during starters for the sit down meal



<< 10 year medal presentation ceremony by Lord Mayor

 Lance Corporal receives recognition of 10 year service, the VRSM Volunteer Reserves Services Medal

 >>See the press article<<




<< Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess Dinner | Studley Castle

 Outgoing RSM leaving dinner function event at Studley Castle Studley Warwickshire



Tug-of-War Armed Forces winners at sports event at the Royal Corps of Signals Blandford

37 Signal Regiment Territorial Army

'Pulling to victory'







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