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Commercial Digital Reprint Photographs & Electronic Images 2005


Photograph Size

Each (selected individual prints)

Full set is based on >50

6” x 4” Proof 1


£0.45 each

6” x 4” Proof 2


£0.75 each

6” x 4”

£7.49 (min. order of 4)

£3.50 each

7” x 5”

£9.99 (min. order of 3)

£5.00 each

8” x 6”

£12.99 (min. order of 3)


10” x 8” or A4



Postage is added from £2.00 upwards                        Sizes are approximate

Proof 1 – Basic colour & density correction has word ‘PROOF’ transparently printed in centre plus transparent bottom edge text
Proof 2 – Basic colour & density correction has only transparent bottom edge text stating our company details
Everything else is fully colour & density corrected with limited artwork
ALL proofs or prints are printed photographically on to photographic paper (not inkjets)
Presentation card folders are:  50p each for 6x4, 75p 7x5 and £1 8x6 & 10x8



intended purpose

 size and dpi


Website images

 small, 72 dpi

£10 each


 Larger, 72 dpi

£15 each


 Full Size, 300dpi

£50 each

IMPORTANT TERMS OF USE & SUPPLY - Supplying images electronically doesn't provide, whether expressly or implied, copyright permission for the images to be used as though they were your own.  Instead, supply & use will be subject to the conditions set out below.

Website images can be provided at a typical size and to your specified required size at 72dpi for website use. 

Powerpoint is taken to include other presentation software but won't be suitable for publication, permission is not given for publication of this type. 

Publication images are supplied at full quality size and 300dpi.  Copyright permission is conditional to the following four points (1) that we are informed where the image is to be published (2) that publishing is a one-off, repeated publishing requires royalty payments to be determined; as a guideline usually half the above rate (3) the name John Stephens Photography & Video in very small remains visible on the image, if a picture editor wishes to crop the image losing the name, the name as it appears must be copies back in, we can also do this at no charge (4) a copy of the published item is sent to us (this can be a pdf electronic type document or printed matter). 

All images can be emailed if suitable or supplied on a CD disk. All images are fully colour & density corrected with limited artwork

If you wish to order, please email a request detailing the images by reference (reference below each enlarged image) along with its intended use.  I will email a reply back usually within 2 days with the cost.  You would then need to forward a cheque payable to John Stephens Photography & Video Unit 2a, Stephens Industrial Estate, 635 Warwick Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, B11 2EZ.


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