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Environmentally Friendly Vehicles Conference

John Stephens Photography & Video  | 10 November 2005 | National Motorcycle Museum

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Welcome to Alexander Dennis  01483 571271   www.alexander-dennis.ocm  bill.simpson@alexander-dennis.com
Alexander Dennis Limited is Britain's leading manufacturer of single and double deck buses. It also produces coach and fire engine chassis. The business was established in May 2004 following the aquisition of various manufacturing, marketing and after - market operations formerly owned by TransBus International. The new business brings together two powerful brands that between them have nearly 200 years of engineering and bus building experience. Alexander Dennis is the world's leading manufacturer of double deck buses and low floor, easy access, midi and single deck vehicles. Alexander Dennis buses carry almost 10 million passengers per day in London and Hong Kong. 

Welcome to the Automotive Academy  0121 717 6655   www.automotiveacademy.co.uk   Established as a partnership between Government and industry, the Academy promotes globally competitive standards of training and skill development throughout the UK's automotive industry and has been created with the backing of up to £12 million of Government funds through DTI. As an integral part of SMMT and a sister company to Industry Forum, the Automotive Academy is perfectly placed to increase the level of skills throughout the whole industry.

Welcome to Azure Dynamics Ltd   01926 866080  www.azuredynamics.com  nbase@azuredynamics.com  Incorporated in 1997, Vancouver-based Azure Dynamics’ principal business lies in the development and commercialization of control systems for hybrid electric and electric vehicle powertrains.  Azure believes its patented technology is the ultimate form of hybrid electric vehicle energy management. The Azure Control Systems (“ACS”) technology is a real-time energy management system that adapts the operation of the hybrid electric vehicle to any driving mode. It employs software comprising sophisticated mathematical algorithms and real-time on-board data analysis to continuously manage the complex relationships between the engine, electric motor and battery. Azure has also developed and designed cost effective electric motors, controllers, DC to DC converters and inverters which it manufacturers and supplies to vehicle integrators as well as uses in its own applications. With operations based in North America and Europe, Azure Dynamics has delivered thousands of electric and hybrid electric systems and has over 25 million miles of vehicle experience. 

Welcome to BMW (GB) Ltd    01344 426565  www.bmwgroup.com   john.hollis@bmw.co.uk    Discover the BMW Group, home of world famous automobile brands and a wide range of business interests. Learn all about such topics as the Company, Investor Relations, Research & Development, Responsibility, Careers and Production. BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Information on all products and services of the brands of the BMW Group.

Welcome to Connaught Motor Co Ltd  0870 338 9733  www.connaughtmotorco.com   jbishop@connaughtmotorco.com   Connaught are specialists in the design and development of innovative, stylish and desirable vehicles.  Connaught, a famous British marque from the 1950's, was revived in 2002 by experts with a proven track record of bringing automotive products to the world markets.  With extensive engineering, design and management expertise, together with a highly skilled support team, Connaught is forging ahead with one of the most innovative concepts in the automotive industry today: the development of the world's first performance hybrid sports coupé - the Connaught Type-D V10.

Welcome to DaimlerChrysler UK ltd  01908 668899   www.daimlerchrysler.com  press.office@daimlerchrysler.co.uk  DaimlerChrysler is unique in the automotive industry: our product portfolio ranges from  small cars to sports cars and luxury sedans; and from versatile vans to heavy duty  trucks or comfortable coaches. DaimlerChryslers’ passenger car brands include Maybach, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge and smart. Commercial vehicle brands include Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star,  Setra and Mitsubishi Fuso. It offers financial and other automotive services through DaimlerChrysler Financial Services.

Welcome to Eminox Ltd  01427 816816   www.eminox.com   High performance exhaust systems for diesel engines.  Europe’s leading supplier of exhausts and emission control systems for trucks and buses.  When selecting diesel exhausts and emission control systems, companies all over the world turn to Eminox. Our reputation for supplying the highest quality products that have proven themselves in the real-world is unsurpassed. We supply to major OEM’s and for retrofit to vehicles already in service.  All exhaust systems are purpose designed for specific vehicles and applications, so reliability, longevity and performance are never compromised. You’ll find them on trucks, buses, trains and off-highway vehicles all over the world

Welcome to Energy Savings Trust  0207222 0101  www.est.org.uk   transport@est.org.uk  EST.org.uk home | About EST | My Home | Housing & buildings | Fleet & travel plans | Housing trade | Community
Links Policy | Data Policy & Terms of Use | Accessibility

Welcome to Ford Motor Company Ltd  0845 111888   www.ford.co.uk  As the number of motor vehicles around the world increases, so do environmental concerns. However, we have always aimed to be a model for the industry in this area. So we’re working to reduce the environmental impact of our products, while providing the utility, performance and affordability customers demand. We want it to be easy for people to say, 'I'm an environmentalist and a car enthusiast.'  Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) offer fewer, less damaging emissions than petrol and diesel. Ford has been at the forefront of AFV research and technology for the past 40 years, and we market vehicles which run on a wider range of alternative fuels than any other manufacturer’s. These include Compressed Natural Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, methanol, ethanol and electricity.

Welcome to Foresight Vehicle  Foresight Vehicle, now administered by SMMT, is the UK's prime knowledge transfer network for the automotive industry, for more about SMMT click here

Welcome to General Motors   01582 721122  www.gm.com   emma.franklin@vauxhall.co.uk   General Motors Corp., the world’s largest automaker, has been the global industry sales leader since 1931. Founded in 1908, GM today employs about 325,000 people around the world. It has manufacturing operations in 32 countries and its vehicles are sold in 200 countries. In 2004, GM sold nearly 9 million cars and trucks globally, up 4 percent and the second-highest total in the company’s history. GM’s global headquarters are at the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit

Welcome to Honda Motor Europe Ltd.  01753 590443  www.world.honda.com  kate.saxton@honda-eu.com  Later, we developed the Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electric Control System (VTEC) and the i-VTEC series engines, whose innovative technologies achieved both a high level of performance and reduced emissions for production vehicles. And in 1998, we furthered our efforts to preserve the global environment with the release of hybrid vehicles with the highest fuel economy in the world. These advanced technologies are being expanded to all our products as we switch from two-stroke to four-stroke engines in mass market motorcycle production, apply fuel injection systems to compact cars, and employ four-stroke engines in multipurpose engine products. These changes to our product line are proceeding substantially ahead of the scheduled revisions to EPA exhaust emission regulations. We believe these efforts will allow Honda to meet the demand of its 15 million customers around the world for superior motorcycle, vehicle, and multipurpose engine products.

Welcome to Intelligent Energy Ltd.  01509 225863  www.intelligent-energy.com  jon.moore@intelligent-energy.com  Intelligent Energy is an energy solutions group with a proprietary suite of new energy technologies. We are commercialising proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell and hydrogen generation technology

Welcome to Jaguar  0800 708060   www.jaguar.co.uk Since the company was founded in 1922, Jaguar has evolved from the production of motorcycle sidecars to become one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of premium saloons and sports cars.

Welcome to Lotus Engineering 01953 608423  http://www.grouplotus.com  engsales@lotus.co.uk Lotus Engineering is one of the world's premier automotive consultancies with engineering centres world-wide in Asia, North America and Europe. Employed by most of the major car manufacturers our strength lies in our thorough understanding of the automotive business, cutting-edge engineering expertise, and talented, visionary staff.

Welcome to Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership 020 7222 8000  www.lowcvp.org.uk  secretariat@lowcvp.org.uk The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership is an action and advisory group, established in January 2003 to take the lead in accelerating the shift to clean low carbon vehicles and fuels in the UK.

Welcome to Mahle Powertrain   0870 157 3226   www.mahle-powertrain.com   daren.mottershead@gb.mahle.com 

Welcome to Microcab Industries Ltd  0207498 6463   www.microcab.co.uk     info@microcab.co.uk  The Microcab is the product of innovative thinking by entrepreneur John Jostins. For many years he has visualised a small, urban vehicle with zero emissions suitable for use as a taxi or light freight carrier. The result is a vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, pollution free and virtually silent in operation. The only emission is water vapour.

Welcome to Millbrook Proving Ground  01525 408408  www.millbrook.co.uk  info@millbrook.co.uk

Welcome to MIRA  02476 355417  www.mira.co.uk   john.petersen@mira.co.uk  Think of MIRA and you probably think of the world-leading automotive testing facility. But the people at MIRA are the leading providers of product engineering, testing, research and information services to any type of industry worldwide.

Welcome to Petroplus Refining Teesside Ltd  01642 736000   www.petroplus.co.uk  ian.waller@petroplus.co.uk  Petroplus is the leading privately owned European mid-stream oil company, active in refining crude oil, marketing refined products and blends of these refined products, as well as tank storage.

Welcome to PSA Peugeot Citroen  020 78688909   http://www.psa-peugeot-citroen.com/en/night.php In 2004, PSA Peugeot Citroën reported a 2.7% increase in sales of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to 3,375,000 units, representing a 5.6% share of the global market. Europe's second largest carmaker with a 14.7% market share, the Group pursued its international expansion, selling 0.9 million vehicles outside Western Europe during the year

Welcome to Renault UK  0800 0723372   www.renault.co.uk   customer.services@renault.co.uk 

Welcome to Ricardo UK Ltd  01273 794576   www.ricardo.com  business.development@ricardo.com  Ricardo is a leading provider of technology, product innovation, engineering solutions and strategic consulting to the world’s automotive industries.

Welcome to Smith Electric Vehicles  01207 521 111   www.smithelectricvehicles.com   enquiries@smithelectricvehicles.com  Smith electric vehicles are reliable, quiet and built to last. Our vehicles emit NO pollutants, making them the ultimate environmentally friendly vehicle.

Welcome to SMMT Ltd  0845 009 3838  www.foresightvehicle.org.uk   pat@smmtforesightvehicle.org.uk  This R&D programme aims to promote technology and stimulate suppliers to develop market driven enabling technologies for future motor vehicles (cars, taxis, HGV's, buses and light commercial vans).

Welcome to Torotrak    01772 900900  www.torotrak.com  marketing@torotrak.com  The Torotrak Full Toroidal Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) provides improvements in fuel economy, performance and smoothness combined with innovative driving control features. These features make it the transmission of the future for a variety of vehicle applications

Welcome to Toyota  01737 363633  www.toyota.co.uk   Hybrid Synergy Drive enables a vehicle to run, from an emissions point of view, under the most efficient mode, petrol and/or electric. Its greatest benefit for the environment is the generation of up to 89% fewer tailpipe pollutants than conventional internal combustion engines, and 2.5 times the average fuel efficiency of conventional vehicles. Toyota plans to introduce Hybrid Synergy Drive into more of its vehicle products

Welcome to UK Petroleum Industry Association  020 7340 0289   www.ukpia.com  info@ukpia.com  Welcome to the UK Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA), which represents the oil refining and marketing industry in the United Kingdom.

Welcome to Vectrix UK  01926 777600  www.vectrix.co.uk   abamberg@vectrix.co.uk  The Vectrix scooter utilizes innovative zero-emission technology, offering customers a clean, affordable, and much needed alternative.

Welcome to Volkswagen Group (UK) Ltd  01908 601526  http://www.volkswagen.co.uk/home 

Welcome to Volvo Cars 01628 477977  www.volvocars.co.uk  The Volvo Eco Adventure is an award scheme for young environmentalists. The scheme provides grants of £500 to young people aged 10-16 who are involved in local environmental activities.

Data compiled by John Stephens Photography & Video - conference photographer at the EFVC event in Birmingham

Defra, UK - About Defra - Ministers - Ministers' speeches - Speech by Elliot Morley at the International Environmentally Friendly Vehicles Conference, Birmingham, 10 November 2005

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